Connection in a new dimension - New RST Micro

Wieland's new miniature connector RST Micro is the smallest member yet of the popular RST Family with a diameter of only 14.9 mm and it is optimised as the interface between voltage or current sources and LED modules. It can also be used for dimming or DMX applications. Thanks to its rated values of 120/300V, 8A, even network applications are no problem either. With its highest protection rating of IP69 it even enables a safe installation in harsh environmental conditions and is ideal for use outdoors.

Easy assembly

Despite its very compact design, the 2-pole to 3-pole connector is easy to assemble. It consists of just two individual parts, which during assembly are connected to each other firmly and securely with just half a rotation. This prevents torsional forces and therefore damage to the conductors. The space-saving screw connection also offers the advantage that all commercially available conductors can be clamped securely and reproducibly without any additional conductor preparation. An Allen key makes operation easy.

System-based flexibility and safety

The system consists of connectors, M14 device connectors, cables, and distributors. In keeping with the RST installation philosophy, the components which have been prefabricated and tested at the factory allow a universally pluggable installation and therefore high flexibility. The optional water-stop feature provides the necessary safety. Thanks to an internal sealing system, any water which does get inside is prevented from continuing along and causing damage to the entire installation. The RST Micro can therefore be used with flexibility and safety anywhere where a particularly space-saving design is pivotal.