Modular Wiring Systems

Modular wiring systems are becoming standard practice for BUS, power and lighting distribution in modern offices, retail, healthcare, eductional and leisure environments.

Many experts forecast that traditional conduit and cabling methods will be replaced by modular wiring systems on projects throughout the United Kingdom.

Many major UK-based contractors are claiming that they have achieved cost savings of over 40% using modular wiring system. We believe that "the future is modular", to find out how our wiring systems can benefit your business

So, What are Modular Wiring Systems?

Modular wiring systems comprise cable assemblies and enclosures manufactured off-site so that on-site connection work merely involves connecting the various components to complete the power, lighting or data installation. Using modular wiring provides number of significant benefits:

A complete electrical installation with a minimum number of system components ensures infinite design flexibility and greatly reduced time and installation costs. for a small increase in material costs over conventional systems, modular wiring will show savings on to 50% total installed costs.

Every system component is factory tested in a quality-controlled environment, this not only ensures electrical safety, it also minimises the need for skilled trades on site and eases future maintenance.

With modular wiring, the number of system configurations available ensures maximum choice and flexibility in design.