Metalynx2 Features & Benefits

For Electrical Contractors, Wieland is the pluggable systems company that delivers reduced build time, ease of maintenance, and building flexibility, because only Wieland can deliver a solution from distribution board to final fitting...

The full impact of worldwide environmental policies has yet to be seen, but there is little doubt that the subject will become increasingly important when considering building design for the future.

At Wieland, we have long been of the opinion that environmental issues must be factored into the building design of the future. This has been the fundamental influence in Wieland's understanding of the demands for the buildings of today and for the future. Wieland are market leaders in the UK and mainstream Europe for the development of cost effective building solutions that exceed the value challenge of landlord, developer and client alike. We are driven by market influences and by listening to, understanding and researching the needs of all key decision makers and partners in the complex design process, our aim is to exceed "the value challenge", whilst achieving true excellence.

Our key objectives have always been to understand how occupiers use key areas of the building services platform we traditionally supply - typically BMS, small power, lighting, cooling loads, air conditioning, and standby power. Our true understanding of these fine points enables Wieland to incorporate key demands for today and tomorrow into our design.

With this in mind we have developed a new system to meet and exceed challenges faced from new build and refurbishment projects.

Product Features

  • 32A rated to cover under floor and high load applications.
  • 38mm diameter circular design is compact and easy handling with the benefits of cost savings for installation routes through fire barriers and stud work walls.
  • Cable termination within the system is crimp technology so there for non-maintained connections and maintenance free.
  • System has numerous innovative patents such as cable strain relief with earth clamping termination.
  • All contacts are turned and milled to achieve optimum load performance.
  • Numerous codings to ensure mis-match of applications impossible.
  • System requires a tool to disengage as per requirements in IEC-61535

System Benefits

  • With Metalynx2, flexibility with the design of projects can be easily met.
  • Cost savings will be made in comparison to traditional methods.
  • Significant time savings will be made on installation and program times.
  • The system is future proof allowing changes and reconfiguration as required.
  • With structured pre-wired, pre-tested system you will have cost certainty on your projects.
  • Environmentally friendly with zero wastage on site - we deliver what is required.
  • Metalynx2 meets all the relevant European IEC and British Standards.
  • All products are factory tested and manufactured to the highest standards, thus reducing risk.
  • Wieland is the market leader with OEM connectivity within the field of building control.