The Metalynx2 system is designed to fulfill the needs for installations in the UK. With a wide range of codings for different applications it allows simple, fast and failsafe installations. Power distribution, lighting control, DALI, and KNX installations can be realised. Metalynx2 components can be customised for special projects. System changes are easily accommodated with minimum downtime.

The system offers cost and program savings with maximum flexibility for the future, this makes the Metalynx2 system ideal for many applications including:


Wieland has partnered many City and County Councils to create a standard installation technique for the education sector that exceeds the demands of a modern day education system, which requires flexibility with the additional capacity to change the functionality of the class room at short notice.


Wieland's long established retail sector partnerships have for many years been driven by the demands of leading retailers throughout the world. The UK has always led the way in reducing lead times to construct and refurbish new and existing stores, whilst Wieland's influence on lead time recovery has been at its most dramatic in this sector with major retailers choosing to use the Wieland fast installation system for speed, cost effectiveness and total flexibility.

Public Sector

Wieland is continuously asked to provide the capability and challenging solutions required to satisfy the many variations of requirements in the public sector, from a new build prison in Scotland or an office complex in Manchester to a fire station in Cornwall - Wieland has the solution for any application.


Wieland has completed some of the worlds largest terminals using its structured wiring system. Supplying power and control to all areas of the modern airport terminal requirements. From Baggage handling to arrivals/departures, front and back of house, all areas are suitable for our structured system.


Wieland has been a key player in the "PFI" program over the past 10 years in the UK. Offering fast, efficient solutions to the highlycomplex ever changing requirements of the healthcare sector.