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Wieland Are In Town!

Wieland Electric Ltd has a permanent presence at the Building Centre in Store Street, central London, displaying its MetaLynx, RST, and gesis® Electronic products. As well as providing a showcase for Wieland’s ranges, the display area will act as a base for the company’s sales staff to demonstrate products to customers.

MetaLynx is an armoured modular wiring system for lighting circuits and other power requirements above the ceiling, such as fan coil and HAV units. The armouring is provided by die-cast aluminium housings for the connectors and accessories and flexible metal conduit for the cables. All cables are low smoke zero halogen insulated single core, compliant with BS7211 and, in keeping with Wieland’s philosophy of making installation fast, simple and cost-effective, all of the components in the MetaLynx range can be quickly configured.

The latest addition to the Metalynx range is METALYNX2, a new 6-pole circular structured wiring system that features a patented coding system for different applications and round connectors to minimise space requirements and facilitate installation through firewalls. It is available in 20A and 32A ratings and, thanks to its innovative design, uses a minimum number of components – all of which lock together for secure installation (in compliance with relevant standards).

Wieland’s RST connectors have been designed for the safe, reliable installation of outdoor lighting and other building services components, particularly where a high degree of protection is required from IP65 to IP68. RST connectors have screw terminal contacts and mating components are interlocked by simply snapping the parts together.

The comprehensive gesis electrical installation system offers the advantages of decentralised installation via plug & play and, whether it is an office, hotel, commercial building, lighting, heating or engineering project, gesis® provides flexibility with the advantages of a future-orientated system. As a leading system provider, Wieland offers devices for both intelligent detection and control of room functions and system devices, such as power supplies, interfaces, backbone couplers, and IP routers for the creation of entire networks.

The Building Centre is the world’s largest permanent exhibition and single source of information for the construction industry, enabling specifiers to call in and view products, free of charge, during normal working hours and on Saturdays.