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Installation Guide

1) Fix the master distribution box into position, as indicated on the installation drawing supplied. Then clip the Home Run back to the Distribution Board for termination.
2) Attach the Lighting Control Module (LCM) to the ceiling or soffit, in the position shown on the installation drawing supplied.
3) Fit the MetaLynx2 structured wiring T connector to the LCM. Depending on the LCM manufacturer, this may be a plug-in connection or may require a screw termination. Most LCMs are pre-wired at the factory so that all connections on site are pluggable to save time.
4) Fit the connection from the main distribution box to the T that is connected to the LCM. The distance between the LCM and the main distribution box may vary considerably from one project to another.
5) Connect the LCM to the luminaire. Again, luminaires will usually be pre-wired at the factory so that all onsite connections are pluggable.
6) Continue connecting the LCM to other luminaires and any other items of equipment that may be included in the system, such as air conditioning, blind controls, door openers etc. Wieland Metalynx2 structured wiring uses a wide range of coding to ensure simple, fast and failsafe installation.