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Wielandís gesis® Makes a Connection at Waitrose Stores

The gesis® CON 3 plug and play electrical installation system from Wieland Electric has been used in the installation of lighting in Waitrose shops. Luminaires for all Waitrose stores are supplied by retail lighting experts Luxo Lighting and include recessed downlights and louvred recessed modules which work together to create a practical yet warm atmosphere conducive to shopping.

gesis® CON is an intelligent connector system from Wieland Electric for all applications in electrical installations. It uses prefabricated cable assemblies which are simply plugged together on site, providing a fast, safe alternative to stripping cables, cutting them to length or making terminal connections. The gesis® GST 3 pole connector is subject to stringent quality checks including a 25 amp earth performance test as well as a 4.5kV high voltage test. In addition to this, gesis® GST 18i leads interconnect to enable a light fitted with a connection cable to be moved simply using an extension cable without the need for any additional products which greatly simplifies refurbishment projects and modifications.

The Luxo luminaires are delivered to Waitrose stores with Wielands gesis® CON connection cables already attached. The electrical contractor on site places a Wieland moulded ĎTí piece onto the plug emerging from the Luxo luminaire and then supplies cable from the distribution board to the first luminaire on the circuit and wires on a gesis® GST flat 3 pole female connector. This is then plugged into the first ĎTí piece in the circuit, where an extension cable joins each luminaire on the circuit.

Waitrose has seen rapid expansion over the last couple of years bringing the total number of Waitrose shops nationwide to 179. Waitrose utilises Luxo Luminaires in all refurbishments to provide balanced light over the merchandise and pools of light to create atmosphere in display areas when required.